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What if Netflix and YouTube had a baby? The quality of Netflix with the freedom of YouTube.
But without annoying ads, like YouTube, or paying for stuff you never watch, like Netflix.

That's PopChest.

How it Works

PopChest player


Publishers: Upload

It's so easy, you'll be sharing your first video on PopChest.com within minutes.


Viewers: Watch

Send a few cents directly through the PopChest video player. The artist gets paid in real-time.


Together: Share

Embed the player on any website. Earn rewards by contributing and curating great content.



An open marketplace for video is born with quality and engagement at the community's core.


With over 600,000 subscribers, YouTube star NurdRage offered exclusive content on PopChest to engage his most passionate followers. He put a short teaser video on his YouTube channel with a link to PopChest. Eight hundred paid views on PopChest generated 4x more revenue than 50,000 ad-supported views on YouTube.



  • Short Films
  • Behind the Scenes
  • International
  • Niche Content

The Benefits

Digital Diversity

Ad-supported content breeds the least common denominator. Now, every niche can sustain its own specialized programming.

Higher Quality

Supporting content with a direct financial reward is the best way to ensure publishers keep creating what you love.

No Commercials

You'll waste 3 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE watching ads! Take back your time without punishing artists by ad-blocking.

Get Paid in Real-time

Payments are instant using blockchain technology. No more waiting days/months/years to get paid.


Every transaction is auditable on an open, global public ledger. No more "Hollywood accounting" tricks.

Fair Trade

The old system sees most revenue go to middlemen while the makers pick up scraps. PopChest flips that model upside-down.

The Team

Valerian Bennett

Valerian Bennett


Entertainment industry pro. USC Cinema grad. Blockchain believer.

Ariel Barmat

Ariel Barmat


Serial entrepreneur. TechCrunch Disrupt veteran. Maker of all things.

  • Give enough people the capacity to create and inevitably gems will emerge.

    Chris Anderson, "The Long Tail"
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Made with in Silicon Beach

PopChest is a seed-stage company under active development in the Boost.vc accelerator. As we evolve, it's critical we continue listening to you. Comments, critiques, kudos…

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