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Creator Benefits

No Advertisers Calling The Shots
Creators call the shots at PopChest! We empower Creators to name their own price-per-view and make the type of content that inspires them, not advertisers. PopChest’s no-BS stance on creative and financial freedom for all allows us to kick being “advertiser-friendly” out of the party. #SorryNotSorry
Multiple Revenue Streams
Creating high quality content costs money! Make more moolah (and masterpieces) when you remove “adpocalypse” from your vocabulary and add PopChest to your revenue portfolio.
Transparent Pay-Days
At PopChest, we pride ourselves on pay-day transparency. No middleman or mysterious algorithms here, Creators take home 100% of earnings while PopChest is in beta!

Creators 101

Step 1: Sign Up Free
Welcome aboard! We’ve automatically loaded your digital wallet with 25¢ to support your fellow Creators and get started.
Step 2: Upload
Ready to share your first video on PopChest? After uploading, we automatically create you a 30-second preview video and thumbnail, or you can create your own thumb. Points for originality!
Step 3: Get Paid
Add your bitcoin address so we know where to send your hard-earned cash. New to Bitcoin? Use the Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet and withdraw bitcoin straight to your bank account. Cue the money dance.

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The POP Network is a decentralized approach to monetized video distribution using direct micropayments and token incentives instead of relying on advertising and paid subscriptions.

The result is a system where publishers are liberated creatively and economically rewarded in a fair, transparent manner.

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Viewer Benefits

Support Creators You Love
Your viewership and crucial support helps your favorite Creators keep the show on the road and on the web!
More Unique Content
Cutting out advertisers and directly supporting Creators allows niche content to flourish. Watch and support the type of videos that drive you, instead of the most eyeballs. More views = more videos for you!
No Commitments
PopChest is an à la carte video platform. Only pay to watch what you want, when you want it.

Viewers 101

Step 1: Sign Up for Free
You’re in! To get you started, we hooked you up with 25¢ in your digital wallet to start supporting your favorite Creators right away.
Step 2: Watch
Let the binge-watching begin. Your micropayment is automatically sent upon viewing, so you only need to worry about what you’re gonna watch next. Don’t like the video you’re watching? Click the MEH button for an instant refund. Told ya we got your back.
Step 3: Reload
Keep the party going by topping up your digital wallet with Bitcoin or a credit/debit card. Soon you’ll be able to earn your way onto the platform by making valuable contributions to the Community thanks to POP Tokens.

Alright. I like the sound of it. What's next?

Frequently Asked Questions

With YouTube being free, what makes your site better?
YouTube is not actually free. When you're on YT you pay for it with time spent watching ads. Advertisers call the shots while your favorite Creators get demonetized for not being ad-friendly and can no longer make videos you enjoy. This is the problem with 'free’.
How do I pay for the videos?
Sending a direct micropayment to Creators is the best way to support them without having a big upfront subscription fee. Simply top up your PopChest wallet with bitcoin or a debit/credit card and you’re good to go.
Are there any restrictions for uploading videos?
We deeply believe in free speech and support a range of Creators. All videos are immediately available by direct link, although it takes a few paid views before showing up in search results.
Are the videos exclusive to PopChest?
Nope. Your videos, your rules. Add or remove them as you please.
Do you promote our web series?
Your success is our success. We promote new videos through social channels and email. Whatever PopChest can do to help, let us know!
How do I upload my video to PopChest?
If you’ve ever uploaded a video to YouTube or Vimeo, then you already know how to upload to PopChest. Click the UPLOAD button at the top to get started.
What is the revenue split?
While PopChest is in beta, you get everything. That’s right…You = 100%, PopChest = 0%.
How do I get paid?
The future is cryptocurrency. All Creators get paid in bitcoin. Simply go to your PopChest wallet and give us your bitcoin address.
Need a bitcoin address? Try our partner Coinbase, they’re super easy.
When do I get paid?
Once you hit the minimum threshold, payouts happen every week.
How do I sign up?
That’s simple: Join us!