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Timeout! Ep. 5: There It Goes Comedy

5 0 | 919
By Gary Jones

The Mamba's play their final game of the season while Darrel throws a tantrum and Marcus finally gets to a chance to shine.

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TIMEOUT! A comedy web series about a group of misfit basketball players in a rec league who bitch at each other over practically everything but the game during, you guessed it, a timeout!

Cast: Frank: Corey Craig, Ray: Zo Johnson, Jonah: Charlie Farr, Darrel: William Gabriel Grier, Marcus: Joshua Hoover, Ash: David Danipour, Vlad: Christopher Martin

Created by: Gary Allen Written by: Gary Allen, Charlie Farr, Patrick Finan Produced by: Frank Gamboa, Raynard Ward, Patrick Sullivan, Tessa Banks, Gary Allen and Charlie Farr Director of Photography: Mikael Levin Sound Design: Triptyc Audio Edited by: Michael Pavoni and Gary Allen

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